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Columbian Squires Give Ordination Gift to Fr. David Hogman

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Chief Squire Hands over the Gift to Rev Fr David Hogman
The Pope Pius XII Circle 1169 gave newly ordained Rev. Fr. David Hogman a $100 cheque as an ordination gift.  In the picture, Chief Squire Robert Brant is shown giving Fr. David the cheque in the November meeting.

Fr. David also gave a talk on the importance of a bishop to a diocese and taught on the Resurrection of Jesus.

Squires Donate $400 to Knights of Columbus RSVP Program

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Squires Bursar handing over $400 donation to Grand Knight Frank Peters
The Columbian Squires Circle 1169 donated $400 to the Knights of Columbus RSVP program. The RSVP program is sponsored by the Supreme Council which reimburses the Council of $100 for every $500 given to seminarians. 

In the picture is Squires Bursar Michael Gingras handing on the $400 cheque to Victoria Council 1256 Grand Knight Frank Peters.

Squires Celebrate Fr. Benoit's 50th Anniversary

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Squires Celebrate Fr. Benoit's 50 Anniversary
The Squires celebrated the 50th Ordination anniversary of their Fr. Prior, Rev Fr. Benoit Laplante at the Council Chambers at their meeting in June. Fr. Benoit is the pastor of St. Jean Baptiste and is also the chaplain of the Victoria Council 1256

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